GrandPa's Shop

Grandpa’s shop, complete with a Model A Roadster. Paulding & Magoun, later to become Paulding & Sons Repair and Nash Dealership.

After 25 years building electric signs for the likes of Disney, Universal Studios etc in FL, I was quite burnt out. Took a break for a few years while we relocated to MO and to the country. Not much work for a sign guy in out the sticks and I didn’t want to go back to it anyway. Back in my teens, I started out with the intention of going into auto repair originally. I went to trade school for three years for it. My Grandfather had the repair shop / Nash dealership. My dad worked there and he taught me a lot. A few years later, I started getting into auto body, took a course and received a Certificate of Competency from FL. Then somehow, I ended up in the sign business. Needed a job, answered an ad, was good at it, got praises and raises, eventually started my own shop, wholesale to the trade. I built the main signs for Disney, a 30′ x 30′ Harley Davidson sign that went 100 foot in the air and many other comparable signs and kind of got bored after that. My shop was U.L. listed (Underwriter’s Laboratories) and I did nothing but the high end custom stuff.

So with my family past, training in automotive and my 25 years of custom sign fabrication, I think I can build some neat vehicles. I’ve always kept up on automotive tech. I have a scan tool and not the cheapo auto parts store version. I’m very computer literate(I built this website) and my next tech investment will be tuning/flashing software. Should be fun.


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