Sample Docs

Truck Docs are broken down into four main categories that are pretty much in the same order as the build.

  1. Chassis & Body
  2. Transmission & Driveline (includes Brakes)
  3. Engine, Belt & Accessories (accessories as in Alternator, Power Steering Pump etc)
  4. Electrical & Wiring
  5. Other Components

Each page within the docs starts with general info/build info and then repair info will follow. Repair info is only for systems and components that have a different repair procedure from a stock S10. An example would be the wiper motor. The stock 47-53 Chevy/GMC truck wiper motors were unreliable and are obsolete and the S10 wiper motor won't work. However, the rear wiper motor from an S10 Blazer will work. In that case, repair info will be here and for the most part, is taken from an S10 Blazer repair manual. The way it mounts and the location of it is different from the S10 Blazer so that info will be here and will be based on the actual build. Another example would be the Gauges. They are custom aftermarket gauges and so that will be custom repair info and will be listed here.

Some components are listed under more than one category, such as Wiper Motor. There's one manual page for it but since it's an electrical motor, it's listed under Electrical & Wiring. It's also listed under Other Components because it's not mounted to the engine/trans and it's also listed under Chassis & Body because it mounts to the body(cab). This should help prevent you from having to hunt for things. The Search feature works half way decent too, just in case.

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All these Docs pages are print friendly, black text on white page.


The AD cab & bed are removed from the old chassis. New patch panels are welded in and a new floor is fabricated and welded in. I don't like the tall cab mounts that get welded on the frame that DIYers and in kits use. I prefer to build down sections of the floor to meet the cab stock mounts on the S-10 frame. This is similar to how the newer trucks were done. Those S10 frame cab mounts do get relocated slightly.

I always start with a drivable S10. The S-10 is driven and inspected before disassembly. The cab, bed, engine and transmission are removed from the S-10 chassis. As mentioned, the cab mounts get relocated slightly. The frame gets cleaned up and painted. All brake components are disassembled, cleaned, inspected and renewed as needed, including wheel cylinders, calipers and master cyinder. All chassis components are inspected and if not found to be within Factory Service Manual specs, are replaced.

AD cab is mounted to S-10 frame using stock S-10 cab mounts. Engine & transmission are mounted with new mounts being fabricated to the frame. Stock S-10 engine & transmission mounts(rubber/steel) are used. Due to the engine/transmission being set further back than the stock location in order to have room for the radiator, the driveshaft is taken to a driveline specialist to be shortened and re-balanced.


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