No, this is not about bathrooms/loo. 20 odd years ago I had as a domain. Only for a year and then let it lapse because I really wasn’t doing anything with it. Several years later, I tried to get it again but it was taken by someone in the UK of the same name. Several more years go by which brings us to now and I went to the site because I was trying to get a point across to someone about using a real name as a domain name. Something along the lines of, “only people who are already famous do that” (or their biggest fan). My method of making the point wasn’t going to work but when I visited the site, I noticed JP did some design work and he sort of found a niche for automotive stuff. I just happened to need someone with more artistic ability than me to help with my logo so I, John Paulding of the USA, contacted John Paulding of the UK and he was happy to help out someone with the same name.

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